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What kind of funder can I be?

Together we can heal our communities. Help promote education. Help foster community engagement. Help end injustice. Help stop gun violence. Help…Stop the Madness.

The musical FREEZE FRAME…Stop the Madness is a non-profit initiative
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Without the generous support of sponsors and donors, FREEZE FRAME…Stop the Madness will not be possible.

Our sponsors and donors will enhance their brand and reputation and contribute to real change in their communities. Follow this link to find out how you can benefit by funding FREEZE FRAME.

There are four ways to take action:

  • Become a Corporate Sponsor
  • Make a Foundation Grant
  • Become an Individual Donor
  • Introduce us to other Corporations, Foundations, Individuals

Become a sponsor

Many corporations and organizations have seen the power FREEZE FRAME has to shape the narrative around violence and create real-world change. We welcome you to join the cause and help Stop the Madness.

Content collateral that will be customized to meet your brand’s objectives to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience. Enjoy the benefits of owning select creative marketing content and not renting it!
Official title sponsor on DADA marketing materials
Company name/logo printed on all DADA marketing collateral
On-stage/podium recognition
Specialized hashtag to be used on all DADA marketing and media promotions
Company logo on promotional website as well as a banner or announcement encouraging people to follow specialized hashtag #yourcompanyFREEZEFRAME
No. of VIP Recognition: FREEZE FRAME... Stop the Madness launch party tickets 200 100 50 25 15
No. of FREEZE FRAME... Stop the Madness show tickets 200 100 50 25 15
Mention in DADA National Press Release
Direct promotional access to more than 1 million Debbie Allen and DADA followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
Personalized brand messages by Debbie Allen 5 5 3 1
Photography stills with Debbie Allen and available VIPs
Photo with Debbie Allen and other celebrity guests
Rehearsal visit and photo opportunity

Make a Foundation Grant

Align your Foundation with a production that supports Arts and Culture, Arts Education, Gun Violence Prevention, Eliminating Achievement Gaps, Community Well-Being and Addressing Mental Illness.

Become a Donor

FREEZE FRAME is supported by many amazing individuals, including some of Hollywood’s most illustrious stars. Denzel Washington, Michael Douglas and Shonda Rhimes have all supported FREEZE FRAME’S mission, both financially and through endorsements. Through funding for youth programs, you can change lives and whole communities.

In order to make the national tour a success, we are asking individuals to join these distinguished names and contribute to a powerful cause.