What can FREEZE accomplish?

FREEZE FRAME fosters ideas for social change and connects people to groups that are making a difference.

The musical FREEZE FRAME…Stop the Madness is a non-profit initiative
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FREEZE FRAME is an experience with the potential for positive outcomes for audience members and in the communities where it’s performed.

In 2016, audiences came together after the performance and reported changed perceptions, diminished anger, growing understanding and inspiration to engage resulting from their experience.

Consider FREEZE FRAME a lens through which the audience can experience up close and personal the pain, the joy, the loss raging through our cities and our world. This experience will bring about balanced and honest conversation that leads to a real ‘call to action’ that will be heard in cities all across America.

Debbie Allen
Debbie Allen Dance Academy

By sponsoring FREEZE FRAME, your brand will be elevated and connect you to constructive change.

Proof that FREEZE FRAME can accomplish extraordinary results is evidenced by responses from young audience members. It is clear that the performances and discussions have a lasting effect on the way students viewed themselves, their circumstances, and on the way they galvanized meaningful actions.

Our generation is the voice of change and we will bring social justice back to the world. FREEZE FRAME really opened my eyes and inspired change in me.

— Ava

We do not need to limit ourselves from opportunities in life. Thank you for helping me realize that I am not my stereotype.

— Sharpi

The dances inspired me and my friends to start doing good for my community and our school.

— Dhezerie

Thank you for FREEZE FRAME, Ms. Allen. I never thought about the police this way. They are people with families too.

— Elijah

Ideas powered by FREEZE FRAME

Throughout the tour, the community will have the opportunity to learn about and engage with local non-profits focusing on issues of interest to them; gun violence prevention, mentoring programs, arts programs, mental illness and community initiatives connecting police and neighborhoods.  There will be town hall meetings with community participation, and audiences will engage in a post-performance dialogue designed to encourage understanding and produce real, actionable solutions to problems facing communities.

After each discussion, FREEZE FRAME will summarize and share the audience-generated ideas online and in the local media. At the conclusion of the 2018 tour, we will publish and publicize a white paper – Ideas Powered by FREEZE FRAME – that will feature a collection of the best ideas and solutions.

I focus on prevention, I focus on teaching people how to recognize the signs of at risk behaviors, violence or suicide and how to intervene…to stop violence before it even starts, policy will follow after that.

Nicole Hockley

Dylan’s mother, Sandy Hook Promise

What we have to do, is challenge our own bigotry, our own implicit bias and then we can challenge those politicians who are supposed to represent us, that’s how we make a significant change in the society that we live in.

Michael Eric Dyson

Professor, Author, Radio Show Host

..start with yourself to look at your relationship with violence…If you see an issue, challenge it, step out and make an impact yourself…refuse to be desensitized.

Maria Shriver

Journalist, Author

There is nothing like the arts to keep America strong and in the forefront in leadership in the world. We’re talking about creativity, so here we are.

Debbie Allen

Actor, Choreographer, Writer, Producer, Director

This is a conversation that goes beyond race, creed and color. We must use the power of social media – to inform, educate and inspire action; voting, writing legislators, protesting…

Whoopi Goldberg

Actor, TV Host

We need to address issues not just as black Americans but as Americans.

Lee Daniels

Filmmaker, TV Director and Producer