Can conversations inspire people to take constructive action?

Meaningful dialogue drives action for social justice and community solidarity.

The musical FREEZE FRAME…Stop the Madness is a non-profit initiative
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The FREEZE FRAME experience doesn’t end when the curtain comes down:

  • An incisive study guide will lead audience members through the critical issues raised in the production.
  • A post-performance panel will conduct a discussion of the production’s most critical messages, observations and issues (the panel discussion at the 2016 Kennedy Center performance was led by Whoopi Goldberg and featured Nicole Hockley from Sandy Hook Promise, Lee Daniels, Phylicia Rashad and local influencers including Professor Michael Eric Dyson and Kayla Hicks).
  • Attendees will be presented with opportunities to connect with positive local organizations seeking volunteers and contact information to reach out to their local and national representatives.

FREEZE FRAME is a call to action and a tool for empowerment. There are three essential goals for each tour stop:

  • To spark conversations and frame discussions that lead participants to better understand the nature of our problems, and to consider workable solutions.
  • To energize and empower genuine change-agents in every audience by connecting them with community organizations dedicated to causes they care about and to turn ideas into action.
  • To encourage individuals to embrace the performing arts for self-expression, empowerment and esteem.
The action is often frozen for a moment before the violence is committed, representing an option to revert from violence and settle the social issues in alternative ways.
Catherine Bauknight Huffington Post