Why should I fund FREEZE FRAME… Stop the Madness?

FREEZE FRAME works to promote understanding, empathy, dialogue and action – Your support is a catalyst for social change.

The musical FREEZE FRAME…Stop the Madness is a non-profit initiative
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FREEZE FRAME as a proven success to sell-out crowds at the Wallis in Los Angeles and at Washington D.C.’s Kennedy Center, will play to significant audiences on every stop of the tour.

Your funding will support positive social change and improve lives at every tour stop.

Connecting to FREEZE FRAME will enhance your brand and corporate reputation and leave a positive lasting legacy in the communities where you live and do business.
Tyronne Stoudemire Hyatt Hotels Corporation
  • Shape constructive dialogue by bringing people together through empathy and understanding to forge new bonds and greater social understanding.
  • Power measurable impacts by supporting workable ideas that emerge from post-performance conversations and moving them from the theatre to the street with ground support from local community organizations.
  • Expand arts education by giving audiences a sense of the undeniable importance of arts education for people of all ages.
  • Motivate a diverse generation of new creators by inspiring aspiring artists to pursue their dreams as dancers, writers, singers and more.
The Impact You Create Will
The Benefits You Reap Include
  • Marketing opportunities and public exposure; you will gain access to the large audiences accessed through expansive publicity and social media networks that are already eagerly awaiting the return of FREEZE FRAME to the stage.
  • Garnering highly valued social currency; being seen as a creator and promoter of positive change will carry weight with industry insiders, trendsetters, tastemakers and community leaders.
  • Connecting to star power; your brand will be associated with, and amplified by, a group of socially conscious and respected influencers and celebrities.